No one wins if rail is allowed to fail.

NZ can safeguard the future of our rail and road freight infrastructure through smart policies. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be seen.


New Zealand's passenger rail network is under continued threat. Ancient trains, expensive fares, poor frequency and decades of under-investment have decimated our national passenger rail network. Passenger trains used to cross the landscape and connect our country. The system is now a shadow of its former self, yet people want real public transport options. Sign our petition to #SaveOurTrains and develop a plan for the future.

Just some of the projects we are working on...

Supporting local groups.
Trains for climate.

There is a lot of energy around the potential role of passenger rail in connecting communities and climate action. To harness that energy we've sponsored the establishment of local groups.

Rail provides a more sustainable and climate friendly method of transport across the country. We are bringing together thought leaders and researchers in the sustainable transport space to think about how we can plan for the future.

Our partners.

Do you care about connecting our communities, reducing carbon emissions & creating economic opportunities?