Current Campaigns

Protect Te Huia

Te Huia is a success. It’s seen increased patronage to such an extent that new services have been added to cater for demand.

Yet the Government is sending signals that it won’t continue to fund Te Huia and is using anecdotes and old financial data from the pandemic to justify this. It’s not good enough.

Funding for Te Huia should be extended beyond June and long-term investment should be made. Get involved. Have your say.

Local Meetings

Rail changes won’t just magically happen—they need the support of people. Local meetings are where the magic brews. It’s where we gather, chat, and come up with ideas to make rail a national conversation. Decisions about the economic and social future of our regions are often made in stuffy wellington offices. Locals should be involved.

We’ve already rallied over 1500 folks at 20+ meet-ups across the country. And guess what? More are in the pipeline! So, grab your ticket (well metaphorical one) and we'll see you there!

Reorient the GPS

The Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) 2024 is set to significantly impact rail services in New Zealand. The GPS may reduce rail freight services to just the Golden Triangle (including Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga) and commuter routes in Auckland and Wellington. This could lead to more road-based transport, worsening congestion, increasing emissions, and affecting road safety. The GPS limits future rail funding and grants discretionary power to the transport minister. The GPS is bad for rail, and we are fighting back.

We have joined with other organisations to form the #TransportForAll Coalition. Check out the campaign website: