Oppose the GPS

#Transport For All


Government transport plans are a fundamental threat to rail & other public transport.

The draft government policy statement for land transport (GPS) is a radical attempt to revive the failed transport policies of the past.

  • Under the plan, our rail network faces an existential threat.

  • Funding for public transport, walking, and cycling is under threat.

  • The ability of councils to add new public transport services or improve existing ones reduced.

  • Fares to increase, placing more financial pressure on households.

  • Carbon emissions reductions removed as a priority.

  • Ironically, despite the focus on roads...they will become less safe, more crowded, and harder to maintain due to increased volume of trucks and cars.

But the plan is still draft, and we have time to change it.

  • Sign the petition.

  • Join a submission party to connect with others.

  • Submit your views to the Ministry of Transport before 2 April.

Learn more at the Transport For All campaign site.